"God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him in the midst of loss, not prosperity." --John Piper

Friday, November 5, 2010

I just can't get comfortable...

I was reading a bit in the back of my copy of "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, and I read a bit about how he feels that lukewarm Christians will not make it into heaven, that God will spew them out of his mouth. He uses Revelation Chapter 3 to confirm this. (See verse 16).

So, let's see a show of hands, how many of the Christians that will (or won't) be in church this Sunday think they are lukewarm? Are you willing to bet your soul on it?

I went to the Crazy Love study at the church we have been attending. That lasted 2 weeks. That was the week that they were talking about why God created us, and of course the typical "for fellowship" answer came up. A few years ago I would have bought into this. This time, I just sat there wondering what to say, wondering if it was appropriate to upset the apple cart at this moment.

The church we have been attending is full of nice people. The preacher preaches nice sermons. They do nice things and encourage others to do nice things. It all feels so comfortable.

But I don't feel comfortable.

Sometimes I want to scream.

Is this what Jesus died for? So nice people could do comfortable things? So we could gather on Sunday to sing a few songs and listen to a couple of jokes or stories from the internet? So we could be challenged to volunteer in the community (not a bad thing, but not the primary thing), give, pray, do this or that, etc. These are not bad things, but are they what the church should be built upon?

I thought the church was to be built upon the ROCK, the confession that Jesus Christ is LORD. (Matt 16:16-18)

What about Matthew 7:21-23?

Is Jesus primary? Or have we made that which is secondary the primary thing we talk about, thereby making the primary (Jesus, the Gospel) a secondary issue?

Is anyone else uncomfortable, or is it just me?


Gregg said...

First, if you "quoted" Chann (who of course is not the final authority) correctly, someone needs to better define "christian." All Christians will enter into heaven. Those spewed out of Christ's mouth were never Christians.

It is equally sad that a number of people will be in services tomorrow who either, are untaught and not discipled properly by the church, or have never been a believer. The church today, do to loose standards, improperly peddled gospel, disobedience is filled with those who don't know Christ.

It is always appropriate to speak the truth in love. The premise that God created us for fellowship should have been challenged, with truth and in love.

You have addressed your church issues before and the fact that you have talked with the Elders, sounds like you need a new church. This is a terrible place to be.

It is so hard watching church play church rather than being a vibrant witness of the grace of God.

My heart goes out to you and I pray for you.

Spherical said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that those who will not get to heaven are not true Christians, but they believe they are.

I also agree that there are many who have been improperly discipled. I have been to seminary, and still feel like I did not know the Gospel until much later in life.

We are attending another church, and have gone to a few before this one. We have decided to spend some time here because our kids were getting tired of going some place new every few weeks. It is not a bad place, and we believe that God wants us to spend some time here, although not sure why yet.

Speaking hte truth in love is critical. However, sometimes that involves waiting for the right moment. We sat down with the preacher (at his invitation) to discuss why we had not become members yet. We discussed some of our concerns. Perhaps a time will come when more of them will be shared.

Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated.

Faith said...

I have always been improperly discipled! Born again out of a drug fuelled stupour and on the skids. HE picked me up HE gave me his spirit and HE leads me and teaches me also I can read the Bible for myself - anyone can. There is no excuse for being lukewarm.

Kansas Bob said...

I am always fascinated by the way that some use the term "lukewarm". It could be said that water that is neither frozen nor boiling is lukewarm. It is a relative term and usually a matter of perspective.

And I understand that choosing a church is sometimes about finding a place where the whole family can fit in. I applaud you for doing that. I chose purity of doctrine (read that legalism) when my children were young and they suffered for it.