"God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him in the midst of loss, not prosperity." --John Piper

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Long Journey (Part 14) Leaving the Road, Sort of

After 6 months of driving I had paid off my school obligation, so I started looking for something that would get me home more often. I almost took a job with Burlington, but at the last minute they wanted to change it, so I stayed for the time being. About 2 months later, I was home for a couple of days and applied at a company in Indianapolis that did food service. A much more physically demanding job, but better pay and more hometime. I was offered the job at the interview, and just needed to quit my current job and get the truck back to Arkansas. Not as easy as I thought!

I was on a run to Birmingham. I had called in and told them I needed to get back to the terminal after this run. When I called in after delivery, I was told that my regular dispatcher was not in, and they wanted to send me to Pennsylvania. Wrong direction!

I was told that was where I was to go, and I said NO! I was told I didn't have a choice, and I told them I did, and it was to get in the empty truck and drive back to the terminal like that. I was told that they would keep my last check if I did. I told them that if that was the case, I would leave it where it was and they could come and get it, then I would take a bus home. They got me a load to Oklahoma, not far from the terminal.

I made it to my new job by Friday, which is when they wanted me. That turned out to be a good move for me. I spent 18 months as a driver, 18 months as a supervisor, and the final 2 years as the department manager. (They had been through 6 department managers in the 3 years I had been there when I took the job, so lasting 2 years was not bad.)

It was nice to have a life again, meet people, see my son on a regular basis, and so on. I met someone during this time. She had 2 kids, I had one. We were both Christians. I thought this was perfect! I could still show my son what a real family should look like. We made plans to get married...

Next Time: To Be, or Not to Be?

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Kansas Bob said...

Really enjoyed catching back up with your journey. You are a great story teller. Thanks so much for sharing here!