"God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him in the midst of loss, not prosperity." --John Piper

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Radical, Chapter 5 (by David Platt)

God blesses us so that His glory may be known in all nations. God does it for Himself. He loves us, and He knows that this is the best way to spread His renoun. He blesses us so that we will shine His light to others, knowing that we will not always do this. That is love.

Today the Gospel isn't spread,  it is marketed. Marketed so that we can grow. Marketed so that we can attract large numbers of people to impressive buildings and programs. Marketed. Is that how Jesus worked?

For Jesus, spreading the Gospel centered around investing Himself in a few men, while preaching God's message to the masses. Contrary to today's marketing plans, He shunned titles and popularity. He was the Christ, yet told His disciples not to tell this to others. How is that for shunning titles? When the crowds got too large, He often would introduce a new, difficult teaching, causing many ot leave.

In today's performance driven ministry, individuals are often left out of the picture. Instead of making disciples, we have a model of ministry where the many watch the few minister. A model where the masses are receivers rather than reproducers. A model where we attempt to attract people into the church rather than teach people to "go into all the world to make disciples."

Now there is risk involved in turning the the reins of disciple-making over to the masses. But if Jesus was willing to take that risk, why don't we?


Kansas Bob said...

"God does it for Himself."

Not sure that I would phrase it quite that way as it presents a bit of a narcissistic image.

I think that He does what He does for pure motives and any renown He gets is simply the result of His loving and merciful actions.

I do agree with you about ministry being performance driven. Most of the pastors I know are either public speakers or administrators. But I do know a few who are shepherds - one even leads several small groups.

Spherical said...

As far aspastors are concerned, there are always exceptions to the rule. But even the exceptions usually have stories of times that they made wrong choices. And that humility is exactly what makes them good pastors.

As for God doing it for himself, I believe CS Lewis, prior to conversion, viewed God as an old lady begging for compliments. It was after conversion that he came to understand the God being for Himself makes absolute sense. As the only perfect being, who else could be at the center of the universe? What is narcisistic for the imperfect is not so for God because He is perfect.