"God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in him in the midst of loss, not prosperity." --John Piper

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Long Journey, Part 11 (We're gonna have a baby. Tomorrow!)

It had started out as a pretty normal week. I was away from the house when my wife got the call. Her cousin, about 16 was pregnant. She was planning to give the child up for adoption, when she found out at the last momment that she could have a say in naming the adoptive parents. She called her uncle, a preacher, and he suggested us. That was on Tuesday. On Wednesday we decided to adopt, and plans were set for the child to be in our home the following MONDAY!

Of course, this matter was discussed with our preacher, and he immediately asked if he could announce it at services the next day. We agreed.

It was the end of the service when he announced it, that we were expecting a child. It got the expected, Aw... response. Then he lowered the boom...TOMORROW! Of course, he then explained the rest of the story.

Kids change things. I love my son and always will. Once again, God had presented us with a situation, and we followed. I would like to say it was in complete obedience to him, but I am not so sure about the "complete" part.

And life went on...

Next: ...and the universe went crash (quote from Harry Chapin, Dance Band on the Titanic)


Kansas Bob said...

Both of our kids were adopted straight of the assembly line. Amazing experiences. One of these days you and I will have to talk about them.

Spherical said...

I agree. It is a life-changing moment in ways one will never relaize. And it still changes things constantly, even today.

Kansas Bob said...

Mine are 29 and 25.. both sought and found their bio parents (with my blessing) and their lives are enriched because of it.. turns out their mom's are believers.